Sunday, October 28, 2012

Little Girls First Book Bag

Pin It Now! Thats right, our 7 year old asked for a book bag! Not a backpack because aren't cool anymore?
So I asked what she was going to use her book bag for. She has a journal she writes in every day. She writes about her day, her favourite things that happened during the day, what she is thankful for from that day and what she wants to do for tomorrow.

Anyways... this bag needed to be cute, have pink (of course) and have a shoulder strap that can be adjustable.

My solution? My giant pyjama pants that were not being used! This is a great beginners project! Upycling AND FREE!

Whoops, took a picture after it was cut... I used the leg of the jammers with the hem being the top of the bag. I sewed the bottom of the bag together creating a rectangle with one open edge.
 I then matched up the seams on each bottom corner of the bag and sewed right across giving the bag a little more base.
 Finally I sewed 2 rings to either side of the bag and attached a strap like with an adjuster so she can either put it over one shoulder or over her head.
Her journal fits perfectly! She loves her new heart book bag :) I might make a bag for myself.

Happy sewing!

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