Monday, October 8, 2012

Cinnamon? Good! Candle? Good!

Pin It Now! I LOVE summer with all my heart, but I LOVE fall for all the colours! There are soo many holidays in fall that I love too. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas (well this one doesn't really count as its in winter... but we don't get much snow here so winter is included in fall). My most favourite part is getting all the family together over at our house and preparing a giant turkey and ham and all the fixings.

Anyways, back to Cinnamon and Candles.

When I think of cinnamon I think of baking, egg nog, blankets snuggled on the couch and finally I think of FALL. So here is my fall gift to you!

It's cinnamon sticks tied to a candle! Yeah thats right, its that easy to create a scrump smell in your home. Now why would I go out an buy a cinnamon smelling candle you ask? Duh, this is soooo much prettier! This is my prototype as I only had a giant candle on hand. I grabbed some string I had around the house and just tied it all together.

This little glorious thing smells soooo great! It all the holidays, season, and food wrapped into one candle.

Make one for your home or wrap it up and gift one to a friend!

What you need:
Candle of almost any size
Cinnamon sticks from the baking section
String that looks pretty (you can also use an elastic band

I found when I raised the cinnamon sticks higher they let off a more profound cinnamon smell. Three days later and the candle still smells just as good as the first day.

MMmm, careful though this will make you in a better mood as cinnamon is one of the scents that is proven to be more calming.

I think I am going to make some ginger snap cookies!
What is your favourite thing about fall?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oooooooooh! I LOVE THIS IDEA so much! Definitely gonna do this. Gonna use a elastic band, then maybe tie it with a ribbon or something.

  2. oo that is a much smarter idea then what I did... :)