Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pin It Now! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I had the opportunity to make my very first Turkey! Now you should know, I am NOT much of a cook. My loving man pretty much cooks everything... Until now. I am learning to do it all! Remember, everything in this blog is all new experiences... So if I can do it, so can you!

For the last couple years on thanksgiving and christmas everyone comes to our house and my very talented man cooks us an amazing meal! Turkey and all the fixings!

Anyways back to my turkey.

My momma went through cancer 2 years ago and it was hormone driven. That means the hormone estrogen (in her case) was over producing. I have learnt through research that there are a ridiculous amount of animals that are pumped with hormones. Most animals from big commercial farms are forced to do this from the buyers (not us little people, the big buyers that sell to us little people) or else they will loose everything. Anyways, our turkey was organic and local. Meaning no butterball pre-made anything... Even the man only used butterballs in the past.

I looked around known food places to find out how to make turkey meat juicy.
All Recipes and Youtube to my Rescue again!

I highly recommend this recipe and watch this youtube video to enjoy the most delicious organic and local homemade turkey you will every eat! The only thing I did differently was put garlic and dried parsley into the mashed up butter.

Remember, if I can make a turkey dinner, so can you!

Happy turkey eating!

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