Friday, October 12, 2012

Beautifying little girls clothing

Pin It Now! I hate it when tops get too short! I am sooo happy that long tops are the cool thing right now because I do not like belly tops. Not at all! Not for older people, not for children and ESPECIALLY not for men... (not that this is a problem...)

Recently I have noticed some of my little cookies tops have been getting a little on the short side and instead of getting rid of them (they fit everywhere else on her) I decided to do a little makeover! Her tops are so cute and almost new so why not add some length? This is a double bonus in my opinion as she prefers long tops and tights. She is definitely NOT a jeans girl! 

I didn't follow any of the measurements that were suggested, just measured the shirt and her to see how far I wanted the ruffles to go.

I got the tutorial from here

We have a HUGE stash of tights that I have made for her (for another post) and these long tops will be perfect to mix with!
She is one happy little girl in her brand new shirt!

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