Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Pin It Now! Christmas time is upon us again! Shoeboxes that we save throughout the year come out for the toy and food drives.
We have the inside of our home all decorated (except the tree, that's getting chopped down on the 1st).
Every year we discuss traditions that each of our families do and what we want to keep going and traditions we want to start.
Traditions that we have continued are going out to a tree farm with my entire family and any friends that want to come along and chop down a tree. (They plant 4 trees for every one that gets cut) While we are there we roast marshmallows and hot dogs (only time I eat them) on the fire, sing Christmas carols and wear Santa hats.
My most favorite tradition is the night before Christmas we each open 1 present from mom and dad that usually contains pajamas or a housecoat that we sleep in that night.
Another tradition we have is everyone sleeps at our place the night before Christmas bed or no bed (the sleeping bags come out). We have breakfast together (generally pancakes or French toast) then open presents.
Oooo I almost forgot the night before Christmas the whole family comes over (to spend the night) but we have a very late dinner that consists of homemade buns a chicken soup with dumplings. Soooo good!
We also have an advent calendar that o made for our little cookie to see how many days until Christmas it is. Each little pocket has either a good deed to do for the day (like helping someone) or fun ideas (like going up the mountain sledding or making Christmas ornaments together). There is a little Santa that holds on to each pocket to show where we are in the month of December.

I would like to start collecting snow globes. Maybe purchase one a year!

What are your favorite family traditions?

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