Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Post: All about this blog

Pin It Now! As some know I have been unemployed for 3 whole months. 2 of those 3 months were by choice (best summer ever). In my 3 months of cleaning, cooking, camping, beach time, and acting like a tourist on Vancouver Island I have also been busy learning how to be more healthy.

We are slowly changing our grocery stores from Save-on-foods, Superstore and Thriftys to Island Naturals and Old City Organics or visiting the farmers markets on Fridays. These stores have locally grown or organic foods.

The next thing we have completely changed is that both man and I are running every second day. Before summer we were running 10km... now... not so much... its 5km every second day which isn't so bad but I am ready to start training for a half marathon soon.

The third thing that we have changed is getting rid of many harsh chemicals that is living in products in our home. You know, that blue or purple spray that has a giant ingredient list that cannot be pronounced. Or the carpet cleaner that costs an arm and a leg just because my house is full of carpets and we have a pup. The worst chemicals that I really cannot wrap my head around some of the ingredients and I dread putting on my body every day but NEED desperately is soaps, lotions, face wash, makeup. I now know there are options out there and will be sharing them as I learn some techniques.

The final thing I have been learning and have now fallen in love with is sewing. I used to sew in middle and high school and loved every moment of it. I  made quilts, pants, shirts, jackets, and bags. I cannot remember why I ever stopped sewing but I did and now I have started up again and am so incredibly happy for it. I LOVE sewing clothing for myself my little cookie and my man. We have already made so many outfits that I will share with you and links that gives great tutorials to.

I am so excited to share what I have learned this summer and my continued journey to becoming a healthier friend, sister, daughter fiancé and mother.

I must note I have now found a job for 1 day a week with a very kind dentist that is within walking distance from my home as well as have a working interview right after Thanksgiving weekend.

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